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If your current accounting service leaving you in the dark and confused about your financial realities, we can change this picture to one of contentment and Peace of Mind . Confident things are under control.

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Take just a moment and answer the following questions.

Does your present accounting service do all the things it should be doing for you? Compare now.

• Are financial statements available when you want them?
• Are you in the dark as to the financial state of your business?
• Is the business advice you receive insufficient?
• Does your accountant wait until after the year end, when if is too late to take advantage of tax savings through tax planning?
• Are your tax returns ever filed late or have you ever had to pay tax penalties?
• Do you lack confidence in your accountant's knowledge regarding current and changing
• tax laws and how they will affect you?
• Do you feel Ignored because your accountant is concentrating on larger clients?
• Is your accountant inaccessible when you need advice or information?
• Do you feel as if your accountant doesn't really care about your business?

If you answered "YES" to one or more of these questions, you are not receiving the professional attention you should be getting from your current service. Greenway and Associates pays attention to the very important details of managing the personal and business tax related reporting requirements, and finances of Small Business owners. Regular and timely financial reporting to our client provides confidence and peace of mind.

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